a million miles to go: a blog about my travels

Really was not that impressed with Miami. It reminded me a lot of my hometown (except I felt that my hometown is better) so that might have been the problem.

Either way it was all highway, was way too touristy and expensive, and had little to no urban character. It was kind of like the stereotype of how a supermodel is supposed to be. All shiny and appealing but with no real depth or history. I’m mostly talking about downtown and the townhouse complexes so it’s very possible I missed all of the good parts of town :(.

Either way Miami has a really high Latina/o population. Where were the cultural markers of Latinidad around the city? I sincerely hoped that calle ocho would not encompass Latina/o claims on a city that has been heavily influenced by Latina/os. But like I said, I probably missed all the good parts of town.

On another note, the beaches were gorgeous. I was shocked by how clean and crystal clear the water was despite the fact that the beaches are in an urban area. As much as I was disappointed by the city itself, the beaches definitely make up for a lot of whatever went wrong.

Jackson Heights in Queens. Seriously one of the most diverse Latina/o neighborhoods I’ve ever had the fortune to see.

Donde están los Latin@s?

So I haven’t posted in this in forever even though I told myself I would. But really that last post took me weeks to write since I was typing on a very small tablet.

I haven’t really thought much about this blog because I’ve been trying to focus more on my other blog (which really just means reading a ton of shit other people are posting). But I searched #chicana art and I found the post of La Ofrenda that I posted up way too fast which made me realize that Chicanas and Latinas in general need a bigger presence on tumblr. While I am proud and happy with the blogs out there that make a conscious effort to express various facets of Latinidad, there just aren’t enough. So I will try harder to update this blog as well as be more vocal about the type of stuff I want to find online. I am sick of looking for material online about movies, art, people, etc. relating to Latinidad and never finding it. So I am going to write what I can.